Innovative Kitchen Apparatus Helps Cut  Any Type of Food to Uniform Slices Quickly & Easily!
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Sure Grip Lid & Base prevents sliding and is faster on your fingers. Adjustable height for the perfect slice.
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Features & Benefits

  • This slicing tool is customizable so you can adjust according to the size of the food.
  • Slices through food evenly and safely in one easy swipe.
  • Slice through virtually any size food whether it�s large or small; hard or soft.
  • The non-slip grip rubber strip at the base prevents sliding or slipping on any countertop.
  • Slices through multiple foods all at once in seconds with ease and precision.
  • Helps cut the prepping and cooking time.

Makes Preparing Food as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.Adjust Height

Introducing Slice Edge

Now you can quickly, easily, and safely make beautiful breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Unlike other tools, Slice Edge provides a sure grip and is safer on your fingers. Prepare presentable salads, snacks, appetizers, and desserts all the time.

Slice Edge is Great for All This & More!